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Ies uk applications

Applicants from the UK

If you are one of the many thousands of UK or EU based students who have not been able to secure a place to study for a university undergraduate degree do not despair!

The fact is that you do not have to study at a university in order to gain their degree. We can provide you with the opportunity to join a UK degree programme this year, 2010, at a UK based, properly authorised and accredited college or academy.

The entry qualifications for a given university’s programme of study will be exactly the same but because your degree will not be financed by the Higher Education Funding Council (hefce), you will have to pay slightly more than the normal student top-up fee.

Available programmes of study include most business and computing related studies including Banking and Finance and Business Information Technology.

If you would like to discuss more about these opportunities please contact us today.    Send article as PDF